Reach higher.

Our HEPA13 is the most efficient of the taller units on the market, increasing both productivity and accessibility.

The largest of our mobile containment units, the HEPA13 is designed to provide safe ceiling access for maintenance and construction projects in facilities with higher ceilings. The HEPA13 model reaches up to 13 feet and can accommodate a fully-opened 10’ step ladder inside the unit.

Like all of our mobile containment units, it features our built-in HEPA air filtration system that ensures all harmful pathogens, particulates, dust and debris and debris are thoroughly filtered before air is released into the surrounding environment. As with the 10′ unit, the HEPA13 has a 2-speed power switch inside the unit, providing “High,” “Low,” and “Off” options. The “High” setting operates at 750 CFM ± 25 for more air exchanges in a shorter period of time. This is the most effective option for infection control. The “Low” option operates at around 400 CFM ± 25.


All units arrive fully assembled, with our built-in HEPA air filtration system in place and ready-to-use right out of the crate. Simply attach the telescoping tent/skirt to the top of the frame, which takes less than two minutes, and you’re ready to go.

The HEPA13 is easily operated by one person and sets up in seconds with our patented ONE-STEP LIFT & LOCK mechanism and an extension frame. With one movement, the first stage lifts the tented top to 10 feet. In a second movement, the top can be extended to the full height. Despite its larger size, the HEPA13 is slim enough to easily navigate through corridors, doorways, and elevators. It’s smooth, white powder coated finish presents a professional look and an easy-care surface.

When you need to reach ceiling heights above 10’ for construction, fire barrier management, or maintenance projects, the HEPA13 is the model of choice.