Gold standard.

The first and still the best mobile containment unit for managing dust and pathogens in healthcare and commercial environments.

Our original containment unit, the HEPA10 can reach ceilings of up to 10 feet and accommodate a 6′ ladder inside. The hard-sided, carbon steel construction has a clean and minimal aesthetic that is easy to maintain. This unit offers optional clear view panels on the sides, to aid in side-access work and in-unit visibility.

Once in place, the unit sets up in seconds, using our patented ONE-STEP LIFT & LOCK mechanism, saving time and increasing productivity.  The HEPA10’s sleek design helps to improve traffic flow when working in corridors and tight spaces. Its smooth, white, powder-coated finish allows for easy wipe down and provides a professional look when the unit is being used in public areas.


The built-in HEPA air filtration system ensures that all harmful pathogens, particulates, dust, and debris are filtered from the workspace before air is released into the surrounding environment. This system is operated by a 2-speed power switch inside the unit, providing “High,” “Low,” and “Off” options. The “High” setting operates at 750 CFM ± 25 for more air exchanges in a shorter period of time. This is the most effective option for infection control. The “Low” option operates at around 400 CFM ± 25.


As with any of our Solution Containment units, the HEPA10 comes ready to use, with the built-in HEPA air filtration system and telescoping “tent.” The only requirement is a one-time attachment of the skirt, which takes less than two minutes using the installed Velcro lining. We also include sticky mats, keys for the unit and internal compartment, and instructions with each unit.

The HEPA10 can be used in a variety of settings for any above-ceiling project including IT & cabling work, air duct cleaning, electrical work, and more.