Built to be Used Daily

Our Solution Containment system has over 20 years of testing, refinement, and proven success in the field. Committed to continuous improvement, our research and development team has optimized the system to provide the most efficient and reliable units available today – designed to deliver precisely the functionality your facility needs.  We offer multiple models and options to ensure long-term value and guaranteed satisfaction, as well as additional parts and accessories. You will find both the HEPA-10X and HEPA-10C highly affordable for the quality delivered, with long-term ROI (incentives are available for multiple unit purchases).


We perform Aerosol Challenge Tests on all units, following ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) N510-1989 and ANSI (American National Standards Institute)/UL 586-1990 protocols, using aerosol generators made by Air Techniques International model TDA-6C, and TEC Services’ Photometer Model PH-3.

Our HEPA system is built to generate the specific negative air pressure required to mitigate harmful airborne particulates and ensure safer air quality, controlling the spread of dust and microbial agents. Due to their performance, durability and ease of use, Solution Containment systems are the mobile unit of choice for many users and settings:

  • Hospitals
  • General Contractors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • HVAC Suppliers
  • Fiber Optics Installers
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Clean Rooms and Labs
  • Surgical Suites and ICU
  • Patient Rooms
  • Public Areas
  • Data Storage
  • Biotech and Engineering Facilities
  • Sensitive Technology Production


Reaches ceilings up to 10’ and can accommodate a 6’ ladder inside. Optional clear panels.

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Accesses ceilings up to 10’ and can accommodate a 10’ ladder fully extended.

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Order extra parts or accessories for your Solution units.

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"By far, your equipment units exceed the high standard of infection control."

"We have procured and used the Solution at Banner Boswell...the best option on the market. Looking forward to procuring another unit."

“The Solution ceiling access system was a great choice for our company. We were looking for a quick deployment solution we could use nightly with minimal downtime or maintenance. We have been using the Solution HEPA10 units for 6 years, every night, for at least 10 hours including holidays. The units have never failed us...they have held up well and withstand the constant banging and battering we put them through.”

“We’ve just ordered another 10 units for our facilities in Northern California. We’ve been using both the HEPA10 and HEPA13 units with great success, and highly recommend them.”

“We’ve used Solution Containment’s HEPA10 model since 2013, and will continue to use them in our hospital for the foreseeable future. A great product.”

“These are the best units I have ever used. We use them for mechanical work in hospitals and Solution Containment mobile units beat everything else out there that I have seen.”